Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Your Way - Week 4 check in

Hello thrillseekers!

It's time again to check in for the latest challenge at the Sisterhood.

May Your Way Challenge

I am at 189 this week, which is up .6 from last week.
Considering my busy schedule, fitbloggin and the emotional stress of getting ready to bid goodbye to people I've worked with for 15 years, I am ok with a gain  of .6
Looking forward to next week when I have the whole week off before the new job starts. My goal is to get to the gym for a bunch of classes I normally don't get to because they are in the daytime. This fits right in with this week's SisterSays which is to try something new for exercise.

Been doing great with fruits and veggies and water and getting some exercise in. My trainer had us doing a workout from the Tabata Method the other night. Have you heard of that? If you Google it you will find a lot of info. We did this for 30 minutes. Not the 4- min variety you see on a lot of web sites. Let's just say it was the hardest workout I have ever done with her and I am still feeling it two days later. I've asked her for a copy of the whole workout we did so that i can share it here.I don't remember all the many exercises we did and in what order!

Also will have a fitbloggin recap next week or over the weekend. Right now just clearing out my desk at work is the biggest chore on the face of the earth!


  1. With everything going on in your life right now I'd say a .6 gain is a victory. You'll drop that quickly once you get back on track.

  2. I agree with Adah! You will drop that plus some more, I just know it!