Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Your Way Challenge Check In

Here we are, another Wednesday, which means another check in for the current challenge.
May Your Way Challenge

Starting weight of the challenge: 189
Current weight: 189.2
Gain. 2
Reaction: UGH! But not surprised

It was a rough week. Mother's Day hit me hard (here's why) There was a road trip back home to see my folks added in for good measure. I LOVE to visit, don't get me wrong and I did great with not having any bad road trip junk food snacks with me in the car, but when I am staying with them, in general, my guard is down food-wise and my routine is way off exercise wise. 

My main victory was in ordering a veggie egg white omelette at brunch and only eating two pieces of toast. There are few things I love more than plain ol' buttered toast! And there was a plate of it in front of me the entire time - meant for the "table" but there was no other place for it to sit ON the table than smack dab right near me. Getting out of there with only 2 pieces eaten is a victory for me!

I had a great workout with my BL team and trainer Mon. night and then also meant one on one with my trainer during the week when she offered to give me an extra workout. She joined me and worked out at the same time and therefore would not accept any money from me for this session. LOVE her! 

I did great on getting the water in as part of the weekly challenge. Where I need to cut down is on the alcohol. Too many happy hours! (see Tuesday Confessions post) And when my instructions to any bartender are "I don't care what you make me as along as it is strong and sweet" -- and I even am starting to be called Strong N Sweet -- then ya know that is not good for the waistline! 

This week: 5 fruits and veggies a day, continue with at least 80 oz of water daily/ add at least one more strength training workout to the one I'm doing now and NO alcohol until the weekend.


  1. Great goals!! I know you can do it!! Hope this week will be better! WTG on getting out of there with only 2 slices of toast! Bread is my weakness!

  2. I'm impressed with your just 2 pieces of bread...especially since it sit right in front of you! I love me some bread! Good job on the workouts!

  3. It's good that you know where your weakness you just need to work on a better outlet for it.Keep moving will get it!