Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Your Way Challenge - FINAL check in!

Ok wait, can't we just keep that challenge going a little bit longer please and thank you so that I may actually see some PROGRESS in it?!

May Your Way Challenge

Let's review, shall we?
Here's what I said my goals were at the start of the challenge:
Starting weight: 189

Goals for this challenge: Lose 5 lbs -- NOPE. Actually I am ending the challenge at 189, same darn place where I started!
Do a 5k for May - YES! On Memorial Day I got up bright and early for a holiday morning to do a 5k to benefit the local Rotary Club and pay tribute to our vets. This is part of my Operation 12 Races mission. One 5k per month for 2011. So far I am 5 for 5!
Add strength training 2 times per week -- Some weeks I was good on this and some not so good! But overall, more than what I was doing
One new recipe each week -- nope!
Support the 'Hood and kick some butt on my goals! -- yes to being supportive and a quasi yes to kicking butt on my goals!

Well hold up there a second. Now that I review the actual list, all in all it was not horrible! Granted, I didn't lose any weight but more and more I am trying to remember that I am not all about the number on the scale. There was a great session about that at Fitbloggin that I refer back to in my mind. WE ARE NOT THE NUMBERS ON THE SCALE!

Yes, losing weight is fantastic. But looking back at May, I want to also remember:
- how good it felt to do another race for the month, how good it felt to run more in that race than I ran last month (even though my time sucked.. it was so bloody hot out there and I was extremely lax in the hydration dept.)
- how I met some pretty darn fabulous people at Fitbloggin' including the gang from The Sisterhood of The Shrinking Jeans
- that I LOVED my first spinning class, which was part of the SisterSays for the week (do one new fitness workout). The bikes in this class are Green Revolution bikes which means they are used to generate power which is then used by the gym to cut down on its electricity bill. VERY cool! You can see a digital display right on your bike showing how many watts of power you're generating. There is also a flat screen TVat the front of the class for the whole class to see how much the class is generating as a whole. Granted, what I generated was probably only enough to light up a closet in a small dollhouse, but still, it was pretty neat! My next class I will work hard to "beat" my previous wattage. You can see a story that my former newspaper wrote about the Green Revolution bikes here .
- that the hubs and I planted a vegetable garden and things are actually starting to grow. This will help up my veggie intake for sure!
- the good memories from this past week, as I left my job of 15 years, and left the newspaper business after more than 22 years. I start a new job in a related field on Monday and I'm very excited about it!

June, let's see what you have in store for me!


  1. You rock!!! Just because the weight didn't move doesn't mean you weren't successful!! Look at all you did accomplish. And you got to go Fitbloggin, too!

  2. Nothing wrong with maintaining every once in awhile :) I'm SO glad I finally got to meet you :) Good luck with your new career adventure. I'm sure you're going to rock it no matter what, because you are amazing!

  3. I call your month a victory! Good luck on your new job...sometimes a change is just what we need to kick start the weight loss!