Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First check in for May challenge AND some exciting news

OK, the exciting news first!

I am so excited to be able to say that I am now officially attending my first-ever Fitbloggin conference. Hello, it's being held WHERE I LIVE! And only will take about 15 min for me to get there. No need for hotel costs! And being new to blogging I know this conference will be a huge source of information for me. Not to mention getting to meet so many friends from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans!  If only we were not getting ready to have major repairs done on our main bathroom, then I could have had some  Sisters staying right here with me for the ultimate gab fest/sleep over. Next year!

So, now down to business for the May Your Way Challenge. 
May Your Way Challenge

My weigh in is the same 189
I have found that ever since my Biggest Loser-style competition at my gym ended about a month ago (which MY team WON by the way!), my mojo has been MIA. I have put out an APB for it.Iif you happen to see it, please do not approach on your own! Rather, contact the authorities immediately and I will come identify it, disarm it from its chips and salty snacks and not-getting-enough-sleep late nights and take it home to its proper place, safe and sound where I will be sure it will not escape ever again. I thank you and my future fit self also thanks you!


  1. I love your humor! It's the only way to deal with missing mojo!

  2. OOOOOHHH....I'm so jealous!! I wanted to go to FitBloggin' so badly, but it hasn't been in the budget!! I wonder if your MIA mojo is hanging out with mine??? But I think mine is back and I hope yours comes back soon, too! We can do this, Mary!

  3. I just sent you a message via twitter. I'm close to baltimore also...maybe we can carpool and split parking cost?