Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Your Way - Week 4 check in

Hello thrillseekers!

It's time again to check in for the latest challenge at the Sisterhood.

May Your Way Challenge

I am at 189 this week, which is up .6 from last week.
Considering my busy schedule, fitbloggin and the emotional stress of getting ready to bid goodbye to people I've worked with for 15 years, I am ok with a gain  of .6
Looking forward to next week when I have the whole week off before the new job starts. My goal is to get to the gym for a bunch of classes I normally don't get to because they are in the daytime. This fits right in with this week's SisterSays which is to try something new for exercise.

Been doing great with fruits and veggies and water and getting some exercise in. My trainer had us doing a workout from the Tabata Method the other night. Have you heard of that? If you Google it you will find a lot of info. We did this for 30 minutes. Not the 4- min variety you see on a lot of web sites. Let's just say it was the hardest workout I have ever done with her and I am still feeling it two days later. I've asked her for a copy of the whole workout we did so that i can share it here.I don't remember all the many exercises we did and in what order!

Also will have a fitbloggin recap next week or over the weekend. Right now just clearing out my desk at work is the biggest chore on the face of the earth!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week 3 May Check-in + What the heck IS that thing?!

Another Wednesday, another update for the current Sisterhood challenge!
May Your Way Challenge

Starting weight 189.0
Last week 189.2
This week 188.4
Loss -.8

Hey, it is heading in the right direction, south! That's what I like to see, no matter how small!

So my big news of the week involves this thing:

What the heck IS that thing you may ask.

It's carried around from gym to gym across the country in this:

You go into that little door on that little trailer and sit down in The Egg aka The Bod Pod, which measures your body composition and all sorts of data I am too intimidated to even read up on. A session in this thing was one of the prizes I won in my gym's Biggest Loser-style competition, which my team won

You sit in the egg in spandex type clothes with a bathing cap on - I had a true dork thing going on there, bike shorts, tank top, bathing cap. It lasts for 50 seconds and then another 50 seconds.
All in all not bad. 
When I got my THREE page report, which is printed out right then and there, I nearly cried.
I mean, I have lost close to 30 lbs at WW now. 
I am MUCH more active than I used to be.
My clothes are size baggyyyyyy
I feel healthy and strong.

So yes, the results knocked me off my feet for a minute.

See that top number there? It says my percentage of body fat is 46.3%

I saw that and my first thought was "OMG that is nearly half! HALF!"
Another section of the report says my body fat rating is "risky" and "ask your health care professional about how to safely modify your body composition"
Panic mode
I called my trainer who was my trainer during the BL competition. My team and I loved her so much and loved being a team, that two months after the contest ended, we continue to meet as a team with her for a workout once a week.

She said she didn't think it could be right, but also not to worry. I am improving after all, she reminded me. And she said even a healthy fit woman - someone in good shape - has about 25% in general. She is going to go over the whole report with me next time I see her.

Right after I saw my report I went straight to Body Pump and upped the weights.
I haven't read the whole report yet, but I will.
Knowledge is power, right?

I did great on upping my fruits and veggies for the week. Didn't always get in 5 each day but came might close on most, which is a huge improvement for me. Been good on the water intake as well.
This week we are supposed to look into the mirror every day and say something nice about ourselves. I am hoping my Gemini twin will come through on this one! Maybe she is better at that than I am.
AND I am so excited to be going to Fitbloggin' right here in Baltimore!
I am sure that will charge me up some more.
Have you ever had a body composition test before? How did it go? Did it change the way you approach things? Cause you to switch something up? Or assure you that you are on the right path?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Your Way Challenge Check In

Here we are, another Wednesday, which means another check in for the current challenge.
May Your Way Challenge

Starting weight of the challenge: 189
Current weight: 189.2
Gain. 2
Reaction: UGH! But not surprised

It was a rough week. Mother's Day hit me hard (here's why) There was a road trip back home to see my folks added in for good measure. I LOVE to visit, don't get me wrong and I did great with not having any bad road trip junk food snacks with me in the car, but when I am staying with them, in general, my guard is down food-wise and my routine is way off exercise wise. 

My main victory was in ordering a veggie egg white omelette at brunch and only eating two pieces of toast. There are few things I love more than plain ol' buttered toast! And there was a plate of it in front of me the entire time - meant for the "table" but there was no other place for it to sit ON the table than smack dab right near me. Getting out of there with only 2 pieces eaten is a victory for me!

I had a great workout with my BL team and trainer Mon. night and then also meant one on one with my trainer during the week when she offered to give me an extra workout. She joined me and worked out at the same time and therefore would not accept any money from me for this session. LOVE her! 

I did great on getting the water in as part of the weekly challenge. Where I need to cut down is on the alcohol. Too many happy hours! (see Tuesday Confessions post) And when my instructions to any bartender are "I don't care what you make me as along as it is strong and sweet" -- and I even am starting to be called Strong N Sweet -- then ya know that is not good for the waistline! 

This week: 5 fruits and veggies a day, continue with at least 80 oz of water daily/ add at least one more strength training workout to the one I'm doing now and NO alcohol until the weekend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

True Confession Tuesday

Ok folks this is my first time making some confessions without being in a tiny room with a priest on the other side of the curtain! It's Tuesday at The Sisterhood and that means True Confession time. It's my first time participating in this weekly thread.

True Confessions

Where do I begin with my confession? Oh here's an idea, how about with the transgressions from this very evening?! Hubby and I went out after work to celebrate. I learned yesterday that some of three of my newspaper columns won a national award in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists annual contest. Granted, they won an honorable mention - not first or second or third place, but no matter to me! It was a national contest and I have been beaming with pride.

Now, back to tonight. I must get out of the thought pattern of celebration = anything I darn want off the menu and a few cocktails to wash it all down of course. I ordered a friggin bloomin' onion thing - you know the kind you get from the Outback? The kind I probably have not had in 10 years at the Outback?
This wasn't the Outback but they had that kind of appetizer on the menu AND it was on the $5 Happy Hour special menu.
I ate it
I regret it
I felt sluggish and puffy after.
I will go to bed saying my prayer that I do not do that again any time soon.
Confession over!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First check in for May challenge AND some exciting news

OK, the exciting news first!

I am so excited to be able to say that I am now officially attending my first-ever Fitbloggin conference. Hello, it's being held WHERE I LIVE! And only will take about 15 min for me to get there. No need for hotel costs! And being new to blogging I know this conference will be a huge source of information for me. Not to mention getting to meet so many friends from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans!  If only we were not getting ready to have major repairs done on our main bathroom, then I could have had some  Sisters staying right here with me for the ultimate gab fest/sleep over. Next year!

So, now down to business for the May Your Way Challenge. 
May Your Way Challenge

My weigh in is the same 189
I have found that ever since my Biggest Loser-style competition at my gym ended about a month ago (which MY team WON by the way!), my mojo has been MIA. I have put out an APB for it.Iif you happen to see it, please do not approach on your own! Rather, contact the authorities immediately and I will come identify it, disarm it from its chips and salty snacks and not-getting-enough-sleep late nights and take it home to its proper place, safe and sound where I will be sure it will not escape ever again. I thank you and my future fit self also thanks you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Challenge and a return to the BLOG!

May Your Way Challenge

So, remember me? The dynamo who was on fire?
I'm back and the fire is sometimes some smoldering embers at best, but i am back.
And I hope in May to make up for some umm... transgressions from the spring.
I think it would be accurate to say, I went off the wagon during Easter more than Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years combined.

So, luckily, the Sisterhood must have known all this and therefore whipped up a lovely challenge for the start of the month. I'm in! Sign me up. Pronto!
Starting weight: 189
Goals for this challenge: Lose 5 lbs
Do a 5k for May
Add strength training 2 times per week
One new recipe each week.
Support the 'Hood and kick some butt on my goals!

I have a lot to write about and catch up, including my Biggest Loser-style competition (my team WON!), my race reports (so far four races completed in my Operation 12 Races campaign!) and even my first all-day juice cleanse.
Lots to report on.
Right now, considering tonights news, I am only thinking of a friend of mine from high school who did not make it out of the World Trade Center alive.
R.I.P. Denis