Saturday, November 6, 2010


Week 1 is DONE!
I'm doing the Couch to 5K training for our Virtual 5K over at the 'Hood. I did the program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week. And by Friday, each time it was a tad bit easier and I could feel myself gaining strength and confidence. I'm excited about the possibilities!

In other great news....

At my WW meeting this morning, I was down 1.6 lbs!!! AND I reached my 5 percent. Now, the people at my meeting, were they to read this, would be shaking their heads in confusion. They have seen me at these meetings for what seems like forever. Surely I would have made more progress than this by now?! BUT they do not know that one day in June, after weeks or even months of beating myself up over gains at the scale, or wimping out by using a "no weigh in" pass week after week so I wouldn't have to face the music, I told my leader  I'd like a Week 1 book again, and a new starting weight. I told her I wanted to start over entirely. New day. New starting weight (which was not pretty and difficult to "own". A new outlook. And NO looking back!

It worked for me. Ever since then I began to focus and not just show up at the meetings. I paid attention to what was going on with me in between the meetings. And of course not long after that Shrinkvivor came and my awesome tribe mates! I am seeing progress now. Steady losses. Better habits. Better choices. It's starting to show, and most importantly, I have the right message in my head -- the message that I CAN do this. I'm excited about the possibilities ahead!!

Another small victory -- we went to go see Blue Man Group tonight. Amazing show! After, we went to dinner. I boxed half, and had a salad in place of fries. Felt great to walk out of there not feeling stuffed!


  1. So proud of you, Mary!! You have done so great during this challenge and your mental outlook has improved tremendously over the past 7 weeks! Good job on losing yet AGAIN!! I love seeing the progression of my friends! Keep it up, girl! You ROCK!!

  2. Way to go Mary....I think that the confidence we build during these challenges are almost as important as the pounds we lose. Good job boxing half of your meal to take home....that is a huge step! Keept up the good work!

  3. Awesome, Mary!! I'm so proud of you for all the amazing choices you've made. It's working for you, girl :) xoxox

  4. Great job Mary! You are so brave and so awesome for taking yourself on and owning where your were at with WW - GOOD FOR YOU! And how awesome that you are taking on running... It has literally changed my life and I am sure you will be blown away by what you are capable of! So proud of you!

  5. Mary, that's awesome! Good for you for taking control of your weight loss!