Saturday, November 13, 2010

C25K Week Two -- DONE!

So, not only did I have a great weigh in this a.m. at the House of WW (down 1.6 yeee ha!!) but I also finished my second week of the Couch to 5K program. This was my first workout taking it to the street outdoors. I loved it! It was so beautiful out and our leaves are finally at their peak in all their glorious splendor. What a difference from the scenery at the basement treadmill!!

Looking forward to Week 3.

It feels good to see hard work paying off!


  1. Whoohhohoo!!! So happy for you to have another great loss!! Yay for being outside and getting to enjoy the foilage!! The trees are still mostly green here, BOO!!

  2. Way to go Mary...I love running outside and am so thankful I live in San Diego so most of my running will be outside. Although I do miss the leaves changing colors at this time of the year. Great job on the weight lose..keep up the good work!