Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heeeeeeeeeeeeere we go! A new challenge and a renewed commitment!

Here we are on Day 1 of a new challenge at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to:

Burst Into Summer Challenge

I LOVE the logo for this one, by the way. I love that the BURST is there just, well, bursting. As hokey as it sounds it makes me feel like I want to burst into this challenge head strong and burst into all the positive changes that will be the end result with me staying FOCUSED and COMMITTED!

Let's just go ahead and get this part out of the way, shall we?
Starting Weight: 189.4
The scale WAS a bit less today, but as I always have done in the "Hood challenges, I am going by my most recent weigh in at the Our Lady of Perpetual Weight Watcher meeting (OLPW), where I have been in attendance for far too long! I weighed in on Saturday and that's what it was 189.4. But SINCE Saturday I have been extra mindful about tracking my foods and getting that water in and the veggies and I think when I weigh in again I am going to hopefully see some real progress. That is what it showed this a.m. and so that keeps me motivated to keep on being "more gooder than badder" as I say. 
Ever since my Biggest Loser-type competition ended at the gym in March (my team won! Woot!), I have not been seeing the losses like I was back then. I am hoping this challenge will get me "unstuck".

My goal is: 179.4 which is a loss of 10 lbs. It's an 11 week challenge so I think that is doable. Now I just have to write it on paper where I can see it every day, like on the fridge or something. 
This is a team challenge. Tribe Green could not be reunited for another world tour at this time, sad to say (against the rules!) BUT, one of my Tribe Green members IS on my team (Hellooooooooo Sarah!) and I know the rest of the ladies are going to be fantastic. We are all starting to get to know each other which also gives this challenge another "burst" of energy and freshness. We've been emailing a bit already and I know I look forward to encouraging and supporting each member of our Team 7!

Welcome if you are new to reading here. Do you have a strategy for how you will attack this 11 week long beast challenge?


  1. Good luck...I'm ready to get this challenge started!

  2. You're going to ROCK it, Mary!!! My goal is 10 pounds, too. Let's kill it!!

  3. My goal is 10lbs as well! We can do it, we will kick some booty!

  4. You are gonna do great on this challenge, Mary! 10 pounds is doable and just think about will be in the 170's then!! Whohooohoo!