Thursday, December 30, 2010

Power of 1 Challenge - New challenge for a New Year

Over at The Sisterhood a new challenge has begun! I am very excited about this because the premise is to focus on ourselves.

Power of One Challenge

More often than not, focusing on myself is a foreign concept. So I am eager to see what lies ahead as I go about the CONTINUOUS process of being good to myself and remembering to take time out for me.

Our first part of this challenge is to state our resolutions Healthy Living Goals for the year ahead. I will do the following (notice the active voice! Take that "should" and "might!"

1. Sign up for the Biggest Winner competition at my gym. This is a contest like the Biggest Loser. It is not cheap to enter but with some sacrifices and with the idea that this is investing in my healthy AND my sanity, I am going to do it. Putting it in writing just now has moved it off the "been thinking about it" stage to the "going to register" stage. Participants are selected on a first come, first served basis. I will be at the door waiting for the gym to open Monday when the sign ups begin. (Anyone else reading this who goes to my gym, please pretend you don't see this strategy!). I'll post an update as to whether I get selected. Wish me luck!

2. Participate in one 5k per month. That's 12 for 12. I have had this goal for a few years now and have not met it. In 2010 I did 6 or 7, in 2009 I did 8. This year will be 12 for 12. I already have races lined up for the next few months.

3. Keep working toward running an entire 5k, however slowly that may be.

4. Complete my Couch to 5k training (I am kinda frozen at week 5, day 2!)

5. No skipping WW meetings.

6. Reach my 10 percent by the end of January.

7. Lose 25 more lbs by June 8. This will mean I'll have lost 44 lbs by my 44th bday.

8. With DH do some type of volunteer work at least once a month (helps my mind to help others).

Phew, that is a hefty list! But I am not afraid of it ONE BIT!

Power of 1 starting weight: 195.8


  1. That IS a hefty list, but all wonderful things! Good luck!

  2. This are awesome goals! I too want to finish C25K I am stuck on week 2 you have me beat!