Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010, it was good to know ya

Over at the Sisterhood, Lissa wrote an amazing post on her reflections over the past year and has encouraged us to do the same.

My biggest thrill of 2010 had to be my entrance into the world of stand-up comedy, all in thanks to this man, comedian and now a dear friend, Al Ernst.

 It's a long story, but essentially, thanks to Al, I have performed about four shows so far and loved every minute of the whole ride. Below is a shot after a show of mine, when my husband, and an aunt and cousin joined me on stage for a fun picture. I haven't done comedy since August but am eager to get back out there and test the waters at some new area clubs in 2011, especially now that the holidays are over. And I MUST revise my goals listed in my previous post to include my intention of getting out to do stand-up again!

In terms of fitness and health and weight loss, I'm in a good place.  I am doing better with increasing my running intervals, and in adding strength training. In 2010 is when I really started getting active w/ the Sisterhood challenges and when I met online the fantastic women of Shrinkvivor on Tribe Green who are now my dear friends. What's more, my recommitment to exercise and WW and getting healthy has inspired several friends to start moving too.

I also completed a bunch of 5ks and earned a certificate by doing 4 Women's Distance Festival races.

I took my first ever ride on a motorcycle, this bad boy. LOVED it!

Got to meet and interview Kathryn Stockett (below) author of "The Help" - one of my favorite books of all time. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?

And lastly but the most miraculous of all, I met a biological aunt I never knew I had, learned I have three more cousins out in the world (whom I CANNOT wait to meet in 2011) and learned for the first time about these people, my grandparents.
(this is a post for another time, an amazing story you would only see on TV)

It's also been a tough year - job wise and with some other issues going on, but I have come a LONG way in not eating everything in sight when I am going through those tough hurdles.

Dear 2011 - Please be gentle. If I work with you, you'll work with me, right? RIGHT!


  1. what an exciting year - hope this one is great for you as well!

  2. Hope you have an awesome 2011!! How cool that you have done Stand Up comedy!! What fun!! Can't wait to see how you progress through this new year!

  3. Yeah that's so cool about the stand up comedy! Sounds like you had a great year! And a marathon!!! I have yet to do that! That's really cool. You should be so proud of yourself. You've done soooooo well!!! It is definitely going to be a great new year!

  4. What a great year! I would love to hear your comedy... I can only imagine what a rush that is to be on stage performing! I, too, loved The Help and would jump at a chance to meet Kathryn Stockett... Truly a life changing book! I can't wait to get to know you better through the Sisterhood and can't wait to see what you create in 2011.

  5. What an amazing year, Mary!!! I love that you met the author of the Help. I just finished that book and it was amazing!

    Congrats on the comedy work as well! SO exciting.

    And I'll stop, because my abuse of exclamation points is getting a little scary!!

  6. Thank you everyone! Your comments mean the world to me! I am excited about the year ahead. Just signed up for a Biggest Loser-type competition at my gym and I'm ready to kick butt and take names! lol I know I'll have the Sisterhood cheering me on!