Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 5 — Crossing off more goals!

Lots more good news to share!

First off - let's have a status update of the latest challenge over at my favorite place in the whole World Wide Web, the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

Starting challenge weight 196.8
Last week: 194.2
This week: 193
Loss: -1.2
Total challenge loss to date: 3.2

While my overall weight loss has not been huge in this challenge, I have completely overlooked being disappointed by that! Sometimes you can forget the head games you orchestrate for yourself!
The old me very well could have said 3.2? After all this time?
But may I present to you the mindset of a much healthier Me:
3.2!! Yes!! That is 3.2 less to carry around!
And while we are on the subject of numbers, you may recall that I posted here about my goals for 2011
One of them was to reach my 10 percent loss at WW by the end of January
See that 193? That WAS my 10% (193.2 to be all technical about it). I reached it this past Saturday at my WW meeting, January 29. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! I have lost 21.8 lbs on WW so far.

I also accomplished a 5k in January, which was another goal of mine AND I have been participating in the Biggest Loser-style competition at my gym now for about two weeks.
Guess what? My team is in first place at our gym. Oh yes it is! Granted, it is early - there are still six weeks left to go -- but we are ahead! We have lost DOUBLE the amount of weight of the other team.

Oh and I am competing in some of the Olympic games at the Sisterhood. Total fun! More info can be found here. It's never too late to join in! 

I am so excited to see what February will bring!

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