Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 6 plus Operation 12 Races update

Time once again to check in with my fellow Sisters at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for another update on our current challenge! Notice that exclamation point at the end of that sentence? Please make note of that as I give my latest Power of 1 stats:

Starting challenge weight 196.8
Last week: 193
This week: 193.6
Gain. .6
Total challenge loss to date: 3.2

I was up .6 at WW this past Sat. which is the weigh in I use for The Sisterhood and it was TOM (ugh! first time I think I ever said that in a blog post! Oh well, who cares?!).
Meanwhile, at my Biggest Loser-style competition at my gym, I lost this week and am down a total of 4lbs in the three weeks so far! Our weigh ins for that are on Monday night. 
All this math hurts my head -- I'm a words girl, dammit! But I do know I am doing the right things more and more each day AND that it is getting easier for me to DO them! Less of a mental negotiation inside my head! THAT is big-time progress for me.

My other big news to share is related to my goal of doing one 5k per month in 2011.
Cross February off the  list!
On Feb. 6, I completed the Penguin Pace 5k in Columbia, MD.
Chip Time: 47:18
Results of Penguin Pace 2009: 49:13
Results of Turkey Trot 5k Nov. 2010: 49:04
Holy cow I am IMPROVING!
My new shirt!

NEXT RACE: Kelly Shamrock 5K, Baltimore, March 13!

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  1. Whooohooo!! Look at you go, girl!! You are doing awesome and I'm so proud of you!! You are really kickin' this challenge in the booty...who cares about this tiny gain! All of us girls have them at the TOM so this is insignificant...and you lost for the Biggest Loser challenge so that is GREAT!! Love how your race times are improving!