Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Power of 1 Challenge - Recapping Week 3

Hello hello gang o' mine. Notice no exclamation point after that little greeting. It's time for another update in the Power of 1 Challenge at The Sisterhood

Maybe I should call this the Power of 1.6 challenge
since that was my gain for the week. 
 I am not going to spend time beating myself up for it.
I will just keep on keepin' on.
And improve.
As I saw the woman on that new show "Heavy" say the other night - "I don't always like it (meaning working out, or paying attention to what I eat). But quitting is not an option."
Been tracking everything every single day since my weigh in at WW on Saturday (which is the weigh in I use for this and any Sisterhood challenge).
I have been on the move
My head is still in the game.
And come THIS Saturday, there will be a new game beginning, in fact.
It is the start of my Biggest Loser competition at my gym.
My first weigh in
For the team I have not met yet
And the trainer I haven't met yet
I am ready for this.
Bring it on.
There will be NO Power of 1.6 next week!!

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  1. So glad you are not beating yourself up over this. You have done so well during the past few months and I just know that the challenge at your gym will kick you into high gear and you will be a force to be reckened with!!