Saturday, March 31, 2012

SPRING in 2 ACTION - Motivation Board

Hello everyone!

Been ages since I posted. I am hoping this current challenge will not only keep me focused and motivated to continue the success I have been having on my journey but that the challenge will get me posting here more often! Let's all keep our fingers crossed on that! 

First, I have BIG news to share -- I hit my 30lb loss mark at WW this morning. Woot!! I am so excited about that and it just fuels me to keep me going! 

There's a new challenge going on over at my beloved Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans site. It's called Spring 2 Action. And I am ready to do just that!


Our first assignment was to make a Motivation Board. Now, I thought about using the Inspiration Board I've already created on Pinterest (a site which I had to give up for Lent, I am that addicted!). But then speaking of addictions, I have a ton of magazines laying around here about health and fitness and my new-found-love, running... so I broke out the glue stick and scissors. I already had a piece of poster board ready to go (I think from a challenge last year that I never got around to!). And before you know it, I whipped this up:

I am participating in my very first 10k on April 21st and so I decided to put the logo for that race right smack dab in the middle of my board. All the words around it will help me keep my focus on the finish line and help motivate to keep me going. I have so many magazines, I could go into business making these boards for people lol. Someone could tell me their goals and then I'd have all sorts of magazines cut to shreds and motivational words on a board for you!

Just looking at this board gets me excited. Tomorrow when I meet with my running club, we will be doing a 65 min. run which is my longest yet. Looking at my board makes me psyched for that, rather than fear it.

Let's all keep moving people!