Sunday, January 15, 2012

Operation 12 Races -RECAP - The Year I Became a Runner

Hello, 2012, nice to see you! Here is it Jan. 14 and I am already way behind in things I want to post about. But first things first and first I must recap 2011. This was the year I set out to do one 5k per month in what I dubbed my Operation 12 Races. I am proud to say that I completed my goal! Here are some highlights. Many thanks to my husband for always being willing to take the 'post race w/ new shirt' photos!
How will YOU be moving in 2012?

January Staycation 5k

February: Penguin Pace 5k 47:18

March: Kelly St. Patrick's Shamrock 5k 43:58

April: 5k for YMCA 43:54

May: Rotary Club Remembrance Run 48:51

June: Baltimore Women's Classic 46:16
July: Women's Distance Festival (Columbia, MD) 45:04

Same race but in the spiffy race shirt after the race

Post-race flowers I bought myself!

August: Women's Distance Festival -Frederick MD 45:10

I saw this sign taped to a coach's door in a high school before the August race. It says "Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can." I have tried to follow that approach ever since.

September: Run to Remember (to honor Sept. 11)


October: Run the 'Hood 5k 43:01

November: Catonsville Turkey Trot 5k - 28:55*
*this is the stellar time one achieves when one skips over an entire mile of the course by accident

December: DIY 5k around Chincoteauge Wildlife Refuge 45:00
(I even made us all hold our own race 'bibs' lol)
This was my FIRST 5k with ZERO walk breaks!

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  1. this is truly an incredible accomplishment. :) great job!!!