Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BURST into SUMMER - Week 3 Check in! (and a race report)

Hello hello!

So, notice how the title of this blog post says Week 3?  You may be wondering - what happened to Week 2?! Well, it turns out, I am wondering the 'zact same thing!

I meant to post last week and the day got ahead of me and all sorts of things have been getting ahead of me lately which makes me feel way behind, and does nothing to assist in the shaping of said behind for that matter!

Here is me catching up:

SW 189.4

Week 1: 186.4 (-3)
Week 2: 186.0 (-.4)
Week 3 186.0 (no friggin change)

I had what seemed like an endless string of July 4th cookouts to attend and which leads me to where I am right now - in damage control central my friends. I would love to know what it is like to go to a social function and not overdo it. Seriously, I would love to see myself succeed at that just once, which of course would show me I could succeed at it a second time and a third....

The good news is that I completed a 5k last week as part of my Operation 12 Races goal for 2011 which is to do one 5k per month this year. So far I am 6 for 6. This was the Baltimore Women's Classic in downtown Baltimore. A beautiful course and a great race, open only to women. There were 3,100 participants! All ages! I love seeing the sense of sisterhood and supportive atmosphere there as all these people (and me!) turn out to do something healthy for themselves.

My July race is this Sunday! I'm all signed up and ready to go.

I look at this picture, taken with a friend of mine who could have left me in the dust but instead ran at my pace and helped me to push myself and I know I have come a long way from where I've been. I want to keep remembering to celebrate that on the inside, NOT with a hamburger AND a hotdog on one flimsy white paper plate.

June race w/ Chri - Baltimore Women's Classic 5k

2010 BWC: 51:43 (it was over 100 degrees and I walked most of it)
2011 BWC: 46:16 (ran/walked but ran a lot more than usual!)
Rotary Club Rememberance Run May 2011: 48:51

Bring on Week 4 - Here's to bursting with progress!!

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  1. Look how far you have come Mary! You are really rockin' these races this year!! Whoohhhoooo!! Weight loss and portion control are part of the learning process! You are doing great!!